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AGE (2013) 35:2089097 DOI ten.1007/s11357-012-9497-Effects of taxifolin on the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the aorta of aging rats and rats treated with all the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor and dexamethasoneTamara V. Arutyunyan Antonina F. Korystova Ludmila N. Kublik Maria Kh. Levitman Vera V. Shaposhnikova Yuri N. KorystovReceived: 31 May 2012 / Accepted: five December 2012 / Published on line: 28 December 2012 # American Aging AssociationAbstract The action of taxifolin around the angiotensinconverting enzyme (ACE) plus the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) inside the aorta of aging rats and rats treated with nitric oxide synthase inhibitor (N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME)) or dexamethasone happen to be studied. The ACE activity in aorta sections was determined by measuring the hydrolysis of hippuryl-L-histidyl-L-leucine, as well as the ROS/ RNS production was measured by oxidation of dichlorodihydrofluorescein.NLRP3-IN-18 Protocol It was shown that taxifolin at a dose of 3000 g/kg/day decreases the ACE activity within the aorta of aging rats and of rats treated with L-NAME or dexamethasone towards the amount of the ACE activity in young handle rats.PMID:24631563 Taxifolin (one hundred g/kg/day) was located to also minimize the level of ROS/RNS within the aorta that elevated consequently of L-NAME intake. L-NAME therapy increases the contribution of 5-lipoxygenase and NADPH oxidase to ROS/RNS production in the aorta, although taxifolin (100 g/kg/day) decreases the contribution of those enzymes to the regular level. Keyword phrases Aging . Angiotensin-converting enzyme . Aorta . Dexamethasone . L-NAME . Taxifolin . ROS/RNST. V. Arutyunyan : A. F. Korystova : L. N. Kublik : M. K. Levitman : V. V. Shaposhnikova : Y. N. Korystov (*) Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Moscow Region 142290, Russia e-mail: [email protected] Flavonoids minimize the threat of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular illnesses (CVD) and reduce the death rate from CVD (Reed 2002; Maron 2004; Nandave et al. 2005; Grassi et al. 2010). In vitro and in vivo studies of flavonoids demonstrated that they favorably influence the cardiovascular program. In his evaluation, Reed (2002) listed the following.