Name : SUMO Protease Animal-Free, His

Product Concentration :

Background :

Biological Activity :
10 U/μlUnit definition: Oneunit of SUMO Protease cleaves ≥ 85% of 2 μg control substratein 1 h at 30℃

expression system :

Tag :

Protein Accession No. :

Synonyms :

Molecular Weight :

Purity :
≥ 95% as analyzed bySDS-PAGE

Product Concentration :

Storage and Stability :
Upon receiving, the product remains stable forup to 6 months at -20 °C. This product is stable for up to 1 week at 37 °C.Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles by making single-use aliquots before thesolution is stored at -20 °C.

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