Name : VEGF-D, Human

Product Concentration :

Background :
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)-D, also known as c-Fos-induced growth factor (FIGF), is a member of the PDGF/VEGF growth factor family. It is expressed highly in lung, heart and small intestine, and at lower levels in skeletal muscle, colon and pancreas. It binds to VEGFR-2 and VEGFR-3 receptors and activates downstream signals. VEGF-D is a growth factor active in angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and endothelial cell growth. It is involved in many developmental and physiological processes including the formation of venous and lymphatic vascular systems during embryogenesis and the maintenance of differentiated lymphatic endothelium in adults. In tumor pathology, it has been reported to play a role in restructuring of lymphatic channels and regional lymph node metastasis.

Biological Activity :

expression system :

Tag :
VEGF-D (Phe89-Arg205)Accession # O43915

Protein Accession No. :

Synonyms :
VEGFD; FIGF; C-fos induced growth factor; c-fos induced growth factor; vascular endothelial growth factor D

Molecular Weight :
18-19 kDa, on SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.

Purity :
> 95% as analyzed by SDS-PAGE> 95% as analyzed by HPLC

Product Concentration :
Lyophilized after extensive dialysis against PBS.

Storage and Stability :
Upon receiving, this product remains stable for up to 6 months at lower than -70°C. Upon reconstitution, the product should be stable for up to 1 week at 4°C or up to 3 months at -20°C. For long term storage it is recommended that a carrier protein (example 0.1% BSA) be added. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

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